Sally Heaney

Sally has owned and directed Sally McDermot Dance Centers (SMDC) since 1977, and has studied dance, specifically ballet, since the age of eight. 

Dance is her true passion and inspiring young dancers is her calling. An accomplished dancer in her own right, she has studied and danced with the Royal Danish Ballet (who told her mother she should move to Denmark!). In addition, she has received dance scholarships from the prestigious Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival and the New England Dance Theater of Boston.

She has also studied one-on-one with outstanding teachers across the east coast , including Eleanor Thompson, Jeannette Neil, Sam Fiorello, and E. Virginia Williams, to name a few.

There’s a reason that SMDC is referred to simply as “Sally Dance.” Her study of dance gifted her with more than a beautiful grand jeté or accomplished fouetté. She learned for herself what worked and what didn’t in teaching and encouraging young dancers.

If you chassé into the Dance Centers to  observe her young students during a lesson, you  will notice that she has created SMDC to be a safe place for dancers of all ages where ALL dancers are encouraged and guided to blossom into their own personal best!

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